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Cao Hongyu

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Cao Hongyu

Executive Director

Mr. Cao Hongyu, aged 31, an executive director and general manager of Heilongjiang Jiansanjiang Nongken Wangyu Commerce Limited (黑龍江省建三江農墾旺宇商貿有限公司) (Wangyu Commerce) prior to his appointment as the Executive Director of the Company.

Mr. Cao served as a logistic assistant of Harbin Binfa Cargo Transportation Limited (哈爾濱濱發貨物運輸有限公司) from July 2008 to March 2014, mainly responsible for logistics management, warehouse management, cargo loading management and packaging management.

In April 2014, Mr. Cao started his own business in wholesale and retail industry. He established Wangyu Commerce and held the position of executive director and general manager, mainly responsible for business development of products distribution, marketing strategy, sales management and strategic planning. Mr. Cao accumulated years of marketing experience relating to wholesale and retailing of various kinds of goods in China, in particular the extensive trading experience in food industry.