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Liu Zhengping

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Liu Zhengping

Chief Procurement Officer

Mr. Liu Zhengping (刘峥平), aged 46, is the chief procurement officer of our Group and is primarily responsible for developing strategic plans and overall management of our Group’s procurement. Mr. Liu joined our Group as the manager for procurement department in August 2009.

In the earlier period of his career, Mr. Liu was employed as the chief sailor in U-Ming Marine Transport (Singapore) Pte Ltd. (裕民航运(新加坡)私人有限公司) from May 2006 to July 2009. Mr. Lin completed a 2-year course in ship piloting at the Fujian Huian Sailing School (福建省惠安县前亭航海职业学校 (currently known as 福建省泉州市泉港前亭航海水产职业学校)) in July 1988 and completed a short course in ship piloting at the Guangzhou Mariner School (广州海员学校) in July 1994.